Annual Report Design

You’ve taken stock of the year gone by and it’s time to publish the important document, most critical piece of communication between your company and its shareholders—the annual report. Although the financial report section may well be the most important component of any annual report, the look and feel of the entire report is crucial in creating a positive impact among shareholders and attracting the attention of potential investors.

Designing annual reports, however, can be tricky. While they are usually long and filled with reams of information and statistics, they cannot afford to look dull and drab like legal documents or statutory paperwork. Always remember that impressive financial statistics is never an excuse for a shabbily designed annual report. A smart design with special attention given to typography, layout and content management will enhance not only readability but speak volumes about your corporate image.

We can help you design your annual report in such a way that it incorporates your brand elements and instills confidence and optimism in shareholders and investors.