Book Design

Every book has its own unique personality. Designing a book no mean feat. Hence the author becomes an intrinsic part of the design process to help the designer understand the content and more importantly, the context of the book.

It’s exactly the way we work. We enjoy the process of book design tremendously and typically start by meeting the author and engaging in open discussions on the book even before bringing up any design related issues. Once we have clearly understood what the book is about and how the author would like it to be perceived, we start working on a list of design themes which will complement the book. Once the author is happy with one of the themes, we continue to the actual design of the book.

Here again, the cover design for a book is a mini project by itself. Often, the cover page alone will account for 20% of the total work. Since it is the face of the book, the cover page has to create an impact on first glance and draw the reader’s attention enough to pick the book off a shelf and leaf through it, let alone buy it. Contrary to the popular saying, most people do judge a book by its cover and we need to make sure we get it right.

If you are interested in publishing a book, we would be happy to design it for you. Together, we can work out everything from colors, typography, themes, layouts and illustrations, even do a photoshoot if necessary and design a book that is both striking to look at and easy to read.