Calendar Design

It might be  surprising that in this digital age, despite having calendars integrated into our emails or smartphones with advanced calendar features, printed calendars are still a common sight in many industries and offices.

Apart from being ideal corporate gifts, calendars provide excellent branding opportunities. They have a longer shelf – life more than any marketing collateral—a whole year!!!

When designing a corporate calendar, it is sensible to choose a theme of general interest and tactfully weave in subtle corporate branding elements so that it isn’t seen merely as yet another corporate marketing device. This will help retain its appeal and enable it to have a wider reach outside the company as well.

We can help you design corporate calendars for your company and select themes that are closely connected to your organization or have relevance to a company activity you may want to highlight. For e.g. A calendar on “Going Green” could focus on some of the eco-friendly initiatives implemented by your company.