Corporate Newsletters / House Journals Design

The power of a good corporate newsletter should never be underestimated. As an important communication tool, it unites your stakeholders and helps them to understand the mission and future goals of the company while fostering a strong sense of belonging to the brand.

A newsletter is also a good way to keep in touch with a large customer base on a frequent basis especially when the buying cycle is too long. Quality of content is a key factor in success of a newsletter. Rather than printing a mere summary of the quarter’s events and putting it together in a disorganized and unimaginative manner, a well-planned newsletter can connect with the reader through regular product updates, industry news, listing market trends, highlighting past and upcoming corporate events, guest columns, customer testimonials and more.

House journals are more internally focused and especially useful when companies have expanded to include hundreds of employees spread across many departments, branches and locations. Apart from listing company achievements, providing important news and information to stakeholders and establishing common goals, a house journal helps to reach out to employees by highlighting their own personal achievements to offer them encouragement and more importantly, recognition.

Digital versions of Newsletter and House Journals prove to be cost-effective in maintaining regular communication since they can be e-mailed out to a customer base or published on a corporate intranet. If you don’t have the in-house team to create a newsletter, we can help you create informative newsletters to reach your close and extended business network.