Outdoor Signage Design

Designing for the outdoor medium can be a very unique creative challenge since environments differ in each location and the way your target audience views your message can also vary. That’s why it requires a certain amount of skill, experience and technical expertise to get it right.

Choosing the right typography, understanding visibility and viewing distance, selecting photographs, picking background colours and designing an easy-to-read layout with the right amount of information can all impact the way your message received by the target audience.

For example, when designing hoardings, one must visualize the actual size of the hoardings to determine the correct typography and font size. Also environmental factors as well as positions of the hoarding have a bearing on colour tones and weightages.

Types of Outdoor Signage

  • Billboards / Hoardings: Large sized signage placed along the road / top of buildings to capture the attention of public moving through that locality
  • Bus Shelters: Medium size signage put up in modern bus structures that can make creative use of the space 
  • Median / Pole Kiosks: Small sized signage placed in the middle of the road either between lamp posts or along medians, dividers or police kiosks
  • Banners: Temporary signage typically used for short-term promotions. Can be made out of flex boards and installed at critical points or constructed with cloth and tied up at outdoor locations that have maximum visibility
  • Directional Signage: Typically positioned by the roadside to direct visitors to a specific destination
  • Internal Signage: Positioned inside a building to display the name of a department / room. Used widely across large offices, hospitals, educational facilities
  • External Signage: Placed on the exterior of buildings that have multiple exit and entry points to mark different divisions / wings etc
  • Apartment / Commercial Signage: Placed inside a large campus to display the name of individual offices, location maps, blocks, public areas etc
  • Building Name Boards: Placed inside the campus for the benefit of visitors. Large tech parks and enclaves which have multiple exit and entry points require this type of signage