Product Catalogues Design

Any sales team knows the importance of a good catalogue. Yes, your sales representative may take customers through a great product presentation and showcase your portfolio in his tablet-PC. But when he is done, what can he leave behind to act as a reminder to the prospect? A well-designed product catalogue.

A good catalogue should list the various kinds of products and services your company has to offer along with a summary of their benefits, special features, points of differentiation, brand advantages and price information if possible. The use of good photography, easy to read language, consistent design style and organisation of content is crucial in assisting readability and projecting a favourable brand image.

As an important sales tool, a printed catalogue (or an e-version) can be mailed out to your customer base to reach prospective clients who may never be able to visit your store.

If you need your existing product catalogue to be revamped or if you are launching a new line of products / services, we can help you design a catalogue that is tailored for your specific target audience.