Managed E-mail Marketing

Email marketing is considered as one of the most effective direct marketing techniques, where promotional messages are communicated to a specific set of target audience.

Almost every internet user has an email id and usually it is the primary online activity to a large number of internet users.

Email marketing is the most popular methods of direct marketing since it is

  • Relatively easy to design
  • Distribution costs are very low
  • Easily customizable to suit specific target groups
  • Flexible in terms of easy content updation for maintaining different customer groups (mailing lists)
  • Measurable as the tracking codes provide almost the exact data of how many users viewed your email and number of clicks the email generated

Email marketing can be done to your existing customer database or cold lists (new database). While the performance of your emailers will be good in case of existing database, utmost care must be taken while sending them to cold lists to avoid ending up as spam. Please note that there will be always a small percentage of your users who might mark your emailers as spam.The more your emailers are marked as spam, the higher the chance of your mail server getting blacklisted. There are certain precautions that must be taken while designing and distributing the emailers to avoid becoming spam and prevent your server from being blacklisted.

We at Element-D®, will manage your email marketing by

  • Setting up list servers dedicated only for your email marketing
  • Manage your email database and its different user groups
  • Design and develop excellent emailers with professional design and effective communication
  • Maintain the hygiene factors to have spam-free emailers and avoid blacklisting
  • Monitor and manage your distribution of your emailers to various mailing lists
  • Track and measure the performance of your emailers