Online Media Planning

While there are so many models, formats and mediums to choose for your online marketing activities, a integrated online campaign is the most effective way to create the best possible impact among online users in short amount of time. Usually integrated online campaigns are recommended when you are starting your business, launch a new product or service, enter a new market, seasonal offers, etc.

Let’s says you are launching a new product X, an integrated online media campaign for this will include:

  • SEO: SEO for the product X website / microsite / webpages in your existing site. This will help in getting indexed in search engines faster and better which will make sure when customers search for product X, it’s your website is the first link
  • SEM: Sponsored links for Product X Website will be placed on top of search results for specific keywords related to your category and segment. This is to compensate the lack of search engine track record for your new product website
  • SMA: Facebook ads for product X targeting your exact customer base based on their demography. Inline ads in YouTube videos related to your product, segment, etc.
  • Emailers: Well-designed emailers announcing launch of product X to your customer database
  • Ads in Online Portal: Display banner ads in popular portals and category related portals which will lead audience to the product X website

The crux of the campaign is that the content and design of these ads must be the same across mediums as much as possible and more importantly the campaign must be rolled out at the same time. This will ensure your target customer sees your ads in almost all of his online activities, when he is checking his emails, reading his news or facebooking with his friends.

We at Element-D® will help you in your online media planning by

  • Translating your business objectives to specific online marketing objectives
  • Choosing the right mix of online networks and the most appropriate formats
  • Recommending an effective online media budget to meet your business goals
  • Creating and deploying your online ads through various online mediums in their appropriate formats
  • Monitoring the performance of your ads across the various mediums
  • Optimizing your social media ads to get the most value out of them
  • Measuring and improving the ROI of your online ad campaign