Online Portal Advertising

Web portals can be compared to newspapers and magazines except that they are online. Users flock to these portals to read news, articles, interviews, look for classifieds, etc.

The portals can be of general interest like Yahoo which offers a variety of content on various topics like local news, world news, entertainment news, sports reports, games, automobiles, technology etc. or specific subject portals like which focuses on the stock markets and financial news.

Advertising in portals is usually done in two different methods

  1. Content Distribution Network (CDN): You can choose a CDN like Google AdSense which will display your banner ads through its various websites and portals affiliated with AdSense. Based on the parameters you choose, AdSense will display your ads in sites by matching content (real estate ads in real estate portals) and the target segment (hotel booking ads in travel sites)
  2. Direct Portal: Certain portals and websites do not affiliate with CDN’s and prefer to manage their ad spaces on their own. For example offers its ad spaces directly to companies who would like to advertise in their portals

Often companies might choose mix of both methods depending on their business nature, target segment, media objectives and of course the budget.

Depending on the Portal and CDN, the ads can be managed through a Pay Per Click-PPC model or Cost Per Thousand (impressions)-CPM model.

We at Element-D® will manage your portal advertising by 

  • Listing your specific media objectives
  • Choosing the Right portals and Content Distribution Networks
  • Optimizing the usage of your budget to meet your media objectives
  • Creating and deploying your display banner ads
  • Monitoring the performance of your display banner ads