Web Analytics

One of the major advantages of online media marketing over traditional marketing is the measurability of your campaigns. While the effectiveness of your newspaper ad can only be estimated on certain assumptions, the effectiveness of your emailer or online display ad can be measured exactly.

Powerful tools like Google analytics will help in analyzing your website traffic, tracking the performance of your sponsored search links, your display banner ads and your emailer campaigns. You can also measure your ROI by setting up goals you want to achieve through your online campaigns and measure your performance based on the budget you have spent for the online campaign.

The depth of data provided by these tools is huge and can be used to develop various insights on

  • How many visits and unique visitors to your website?
  • Demographic profile of your visitors like location, language etc.
  • Online behavior of your visitors like navigation pattern etc.
  • What are the most effective traffic sources to your website?
  • What is the most common information which drives visitors to your website?
  • How much time do visitors spend on your website?
  • What are the most visited pages by the visitors?

These insights will help you in devising your next marketing strategy and thereby improve your business results.

We at Element-D® will help you measure your online marketing performance by sending you periodical reports on

  • Number of Visits and Unique visitors to your website
  • Location wise visitor stats to your website
  • Technology wise segregation of visitors based on browser, operating system, mobile visits etc.
  • Conversions of your online media goals
  • Performance of your sponsored links in search engines
  • Performance of your Social Media campaigns
  • Performance of your display ads in portals
  • Performance of your emailer campaigns