Retail Brand & Identity Design

Retail Identity plays a very strong role in the retail market probable more than any other industry. The intensity of competition is higher than any other business arena. Retail markets come with a lot of “brand clutter” and it is crucial that your brand is able to cut through competition to secure your Share of Wallet from your customers.

Retail Identity Development includes

  • Brand Development
  • Logo Design and Development
  • Product Packaging Design
  • Brand Identity Manual Design

Brand Development

Brand development for retail is a very complex process than for other businesses. One of the reasons is that several brands from a single company need to differentiate themselves for different market segments, but still have a connection to leverage the parent company brand. For example the Coco-Cola company, leading beverage maker in the world, offers over 500 brands across 200 countries!

When developing the retail brand one must analyse various factors like:

  • Target audience: Demographics like age, location, etc.
  • Target market: Luxury, premium, value, economy based on the target income group
  • Position in brand hierarchy: Is it a parent brand for a category or sub-brand for different market or brand variation for a different demographic etc.

While there are no set rules, brand names are derived from the product USP, parent company, qualities associated with the product. More importantly the brand name should evoke the required set of emotions in the customers mind for him/her to buy the product.

Logo Design and Development

Once the brands are finalised the visual identity for your logo needs to be developed which is equally crucial in developing the brand name if not more.

Your logo should be easy to identify, remember and recall. Your logo should evoke the set of emotions you want to be associated with in the customers’ mind which will influence their buying decision.

Your Retail logo should be

  • Simple & Memorable: Describable in common language
  • Versatile: Effective across geographies, languages, cultures etc.
  • Adaptable: Adaptable and scalable for various mediums (colour, B/W, print, web etc.)
  • Suitable: Relevant to the customer segment and appeal to their senses (pink colour for girls)

Explore more about logo design and development.

Product Packaging Design

Product Package Keyline designs plays a vital role more than any other marketing collateral, as it is the closest to the time of purchase. Especially when it comes to retail consumer products, the packaging design is the final factor which will make or break the sale. A good package design should get the attention of the consumer and instill confidence in the consumer of its quality. The packaging design should justify the price point and assure that consumer is getting the value for his money. Explore more about product packaging design.

Identity Manual Design

Corporate Identity is very sacred to a company. It is a crucial element in protecting your trademarks and to a certain extent, your intellectual property as well. To facilitate this we develop and design identity manuals so that the identity of the company is adhered to the strictest level possible. In order to make sure this, an identity manual is a must have tool. The identity manual will spell out the guidelines of using the various elements of your brand identity.

The identity manual will have specifications and user guidelines for

  • Logo
  • Logotypes
  • Typography
  • Colour Schemes
  • Printing and reproduction for other mediums
  • Packaging design guidelines