Web Design Services

Websites have become a key component when setting up a company. Just as you set up your office space for your company, you should also plan for your web presence. Gone are the days when only online companies had websites. In today’s world, any business or company needs to have a website. Unless your company does not have a single computer, there is no reason for you not to be in the World Wide Web.

A website simply put, is your online office. You can use it as your marketing office, your online retail store, customer service center or a virtual head office to manage your administrative tasks. You can even have multiple websites, a corporate website which will act as your virtual HO, a marketing website dedicated to specific products and services or an online store where you can generate sales for your products and services. While a simple brochure-ware website just to have an online presence is the least your company can have, you might want to consider having a hardworking e-commerce site to generate sales online.

With over 15 years of experience in Web design we will set your online office right from domain management to development and the maintenance of the website. To begin you need to state your objectives you want to achieve through your website. Based on your requirements we will propose a solution stating the information architecture, list of website components and the suitable web technologies which will be used to develop them.

Why choose Element-D®?

  • We give 99.99% Service Commitment to you for providing tech support whenever you need
  • We will nurture your relationship with us and be part of your team to drive your growth by understanding your company’s culture and nature of business
  • You can take full advantage of our website development skills. Right from supporting your existing website to developing new and exciting applications on your website
  • We will take care of your entire online marketing. Including web analytics, search engine optimization & CPC campaign management (Google AdWords, LinkedIn ads, Bing and Yahoo and Facebook ads)
  • We have the resources to maintain websites built using many languages. Some of the popular languages are HTML, XHTML, HTML 5, JavaScript, jQuery, AJAX, PHP MySQL, VBScript, ASP, ASP.NET, MSSQL, XML, Flash and ActionScript, JSP. Protocol support for HTTP, HTTPS, SSL, SSH, FTP. Platforms support for UNIX, Windows and Java
  • Our design and technology expertise comes with 15 year’s experience