Domain Management

Your website is the ideal first step to have a global visibility. Domain registration is the process of getting your website address (URL). So having the right domain names (website URLs) is very crucial as it has high impact in the search results and also for protecting your brand / trademark . It is highly recommended to register multiple domains related to your brand or at least the country level domains (.in, etc.) in addition to your .com domain.

Our web services vertical offers you the best domain registration services. No need to go to a third party service provider! We will manage your domain registrations and renewals with an assurance of excellent customer service and support.

Brand protection

Domain management doesn’t limit to just registering domain names but also protect your brand identity from the various online security threats 

  • Brand jacking: Hijacking your online brand identity by creating a fake online presence through similar domain names, fake websites, fake social media accounts
  • Cybersquatting: Unauthorised registering of domain names associated with your trademark by third parties 
  • Phishing: duplicating some key pages of your website to acquire user information or sometimes even money. 
  • SEO manipulation: Using your trademarks in their website as keywords and description to divert traffic from your website to theirs.
  • Cyber-attacks:  Hack your online database to steal sensitive information, perform unauthorized transactions or spread malicious software through your website discreetly

We will help you protect your online brand identity through various preventive and counter measures which include

  • Domain monitoring: Regularly monitor domains already associated with your trademark and register or claim new domain names related with your trademark
  • Intellectual Property (IP) monitoring: Regularly sweep the web for fake websites, brand duplicates, fake social media presence and take necessary steps to stop them.
  • Whois research: Checking availability of new domains, registrar information of existing domain names and other technical details like Name server, hosting service, IP address etc.

We at Element-D® will help you protect your online brand identity by

  • Recommending domain names related to your brands, trademarks, products and services
  • Register the selected domains relevant to you
  • Continuously look for domain names as per your company’s latest offerings
  • Manage the renewals of your domain names regularly
  • Technical assistance for domain transfers from previous registers to your account when required
  • Prevent domain abuse attacks and other online threats by maintaining excellent security features
  • SSL certifications for your domains