Google Apps Solutions

Google Apps is an enterprise service offered by Google, through which businesses can avail a host of Google productivity tools like email, IM, contact sharing, calendar, docs sharing and cloud storage to be used by its employees. The service can be integrated with your own private domain and customized with your company logo.

Benefits of Google Apps 

Reliability: Google Servers are simply the best email servers in the world with guarantee 99.9% uptime.

Security: With automatic encryption of browser sessions with SSL for Apps users and having achieved the U.S. Federal Government’s FISMA certification, Google Servers are the most secure than any other mail server in offer.

Accessibility: Thanks to power of cloud, Google apps gives you access your emails and files anywhere, anytime just through an internet connection

Portability: Google Apps are compatible across almost all platforms and devices. Apart from PC’s, they are customized for popular mobile platforms like Android, iOS, Windows Mobile, Blackberry, etc. They are also accessible through any mobile browsers by connecting to mobile data networks.

Collaboration: You can connect to as many people you like regardless of their physical location through Gtalk and even have video and voice chats with them. Google Apps lets you share and edit many types of files – docs, spreadsheets, presentations and more – in real time.

Streamlining: Using tools like Google docs and calendar, you can increase productivity by streamline your tasks by scheduling and organizing your tasks and meetings more effectively.

Cost efficient: With Google maintaining your IT hardware and offering you excellent support, you do not have to have a dedicated IT team for internal communications and they can work on client projects instead!

Eco-friendly: Switching to Google apps will help you reduce your carbon foot print, as you won’t need to run your internal It servers and systems. Moreover, the energy efficient Google servers have a net-zero impact on the environment, thanks to eco-friendly practices adopted by Google.

We at Element-D®  will help you in adopting Google Apps in your business by

  • Migrating your existing email system to Google Apps
  • Integrating Google Apps with your private domain
  • Customizing your Google Apps account
  • Creating new user ids
  • Maintaining your Google apps account