Landing Page Design

Landing Pages (LPs) are highly effective in capturing customer leads from various online marketing activities like online banner ads, search engine ads (Google AdWords), Social Media ads (LinkedIn) etc.

Ideally, all the online and if possible even some offline promotional activities should lead the target audience to the Landing Page, which shall encourage visitors to fill up the contact form for a specific call to action like test drive the new car or site visit to model flat, thereby confirming their interest in purchasing the product.

These Landing Pages help not only to track the ‘conversions’ of different ads, but also to know the level of customer interest, and generate hot leads.

Essentials for impactfull landing pages

  • Clarity of Product/Service Offering
  •  Richness of Content
  •  No unnecessary outbound links
  •  Relevant and appealing images
  • Clear benefit for filling the form
  • Minimal Scrolling

We at Element-D®  will develop your Landing Page by

  • Creating an impactful design in sync with your brand identity and marketing campaign
  • Designing an effective online form to capture leads
  • Integrating landing page forms with your CRM API’s like Salesforce, Zoho CRM etc. to import captured leads to your database