Micro Site Design

Micro sites are mini websites which can range 4 to 10 pages which are ideal for product or service specific websites and your online marketing campaigns. They are usually standalone websites with unique web address to distinguish from your main website. Although they will be cross linked to establish the brand or identity connection and helps in SEO as well.

Microsites are developed with specific objectives and usually for a specific time period after which they are usually archived. Companies conducting a promotional campaign for their product or services can have a microsite as their main lead generation tool.

For instance, Real Estate Companies and Car manufacturers often use microsites whenever they launch their latest offering. While the Real Estate microsite will be for a specific apartment with the specifications, location map, site plan, floor plans etc, the microsite for the car will have technical details, model variations and interactive image gallery.

We at Element-D® will develop your microsite by

  • Ensuring the all necessary information is easily accessible to the visitor
  • Designing the microsite site as interactive as possible
  • Integrate with your other online marketing campaigns