Web Application Design & Development

Web applications are online tools integrated with websites and used through web browsers. When there is a need for the user to access and use a interactive module of your website, it means you would need a web application for that requirement. Web applications often have user accounts which prompt visitors to logon to the web application to access them.

Email is the one of the widely used web applications. Other web applications include live chat applications, payment gateways, file managers, video galleries, photo albums, online game modules, online calendars, blogging modules, user profiles etc.

We at Element-D®  will help you with your web applications requirement by

  • Defining the objective for the web application
  • Identifying the most suitable web application tools and technology
  • Designing and developing the web application
  • Customizing the web application for the specific requirement
  • Deploying web application to live server
  • Integrating the web application to your website
  • Online testing and debugging