Website Design & Development

You may want to create an all new website or revamp your existing website. Whatever the case may be, it’s wise to know that a good website will have the following.

  • Easy-to-use and highly relevant navigation for the best possible user experience
  • Clear, well-marked paths for completing tasks
  • Fast-loading pages
  • Intuitively organized content based on user needs
  • Excellent user interface design with uncluttered presentation and graphics

Web design usually comprises both the designing of the user interface (UI) for your website commonly known as the ‘front-end’ and the developing the back-end structure (coding / web programming, database and more).

Designing the website UI includes designing the info architecture (pages, links and their position), design templates for your home page, sectional pages and typical pages, web applications and modules which will be available to the visitor to interact with.

The Information architecture is the important component in web design, which will help you to arrive at the number of pages, sections, web applications you would need for your website. The Information architecture is developed by defining the links on the homepage, then sectional pages and so on. It is wise to remember, the Information architecture is not set in stone and it usually evolves as the website develops. There will be always scope of improvement by the new additions of sections, pages and web applications. Depending on the complexity and urgency, the website can also be done in a phased manner.


Web Development Process

Web Development Process Chart


We at Element-D®, will help you create your website by 

  • Collaborating with you to define the objectives of your website
  • Engaging with your team to develop the info architecture
  • Proposing the holistic web solution with recommended web technologies and suitable domain and hosting prerequisites
  • Coordinating with your team to prepare the content required
  • Designing the master templates for home page, sectional pages and typical pages
  • Designing the user interfaces for your web applications
  • Developing the designs into web pages by coding them using suitable web programming technologies (HTML5, CSS, PHP, ASP .NET, etc)
  • Integrating the developed web pages and we applications into a complete website
  • Offline testing of your website and debugging
  • Deploying website and web applications to live servers
  • Online testing of your website and debugging
  • Basic SEO setup for your website

Our web design & development services include 

  • HTML5 / CSS web development
  • Online Forms, polls and survey modules
  • Blog setup
  • ASP web pages
  • Database development
  • Adobe Flash animation
  • Content management solutions (CMS)
  • Site assessment & consulting
  • RSS feed Set-up
  • DHTML, Javascript, MS-SQL and more