Website Auditing & Assessment

With web technology and trends evolving on a daily basis, you might be wondering if your 3 year old website still holds good. Just like auditing your accounts or conducting periodic inspections on your machinery, it is a healthy practice to check your websites health. With day to day improvements in Web development and SEO, what was done 3 years ago in your website may not be good enough today.

A website audit helps in assessing your website’s performance in terms of

  • SEO assessment: How well is your site is optimized in alignment to the latest SEO techniques and trends and what is the possible business impact. (For Eg. Is your site compatible with Google’s latest SEO algorithm released in the current year)
  • Visibility Evaluation: How is the visibility of your website in search engines for the keywords important to your business
  • Usability Evaluation: How user friendly is your site in terms of page load speed, home page impact, navigation, multi browser compatibility and performance across major platforms and devices
  • Analytics: How is your website performing in terms of visitors? From number of visits, sources of traffic, goal conversion rates, effectiveness of online campaigns, the statistics from the web analytics will show you how is your website performing in terms of its objectives

We at Element-D®  will help you evaluate your website by

  • Assessing your SEO efforts to find key areas of improvement
  • Evaluating your visibility in search engines and other online marketing mediums in comparison with your competitors
  • Technical assessment of your website of its internal architecture and cross compatibility across platforms and devices
  • Non-technical evaluation of your website content, navigation and content relevancy
  • Generating web analytics reports to analyse key metrics like visits, page visits, visitor demographics, traffic sources, Goal conversion rates
  • Preparing a comprehensive report card in your website’s performance under various attributes
  • Specifying actionable points to improve the key areas identified
  • Recommending solutions to improve ROI of your website