Website Maintenance & Web Application Maintenance

A website is not a one-off brochure. It has to be kept alive, managed, maintained and monitored. It is almost like running a small branch office.

Companies often engage freelance web designers to develop their websites which they feel is economical and more value for their money. They do not take it to account the resources to maintain it for the long run. Once the website is done, no dedicated resources are engaged to maintain the website and eventually the website becomes stale. SEO is rarely done, renewals are not monitored, no preventive maintenance is done to prevent downtime or security breaches.

It is very important, that the website and the web applications need to be ‘serviced’ periodically and maintained with professional care. Entrusting your website maintenance to your service provider like Element-D® will ensure you instant availability of resources for emergency situations and continuous support to keep your website functional and healthy.

Imagine this, what if your website is down during the night? What if the website crashes during your big promotional campaign? Who is monitoring it? Who will you contact to resolve this?

In today’s day and age, you cannot predict, when your potential customer is looking up you on the internet. It is absolutely essential that your website is up all the time. But yes there is always a possibility of your website going down. Your freelance designer may not have the time and resources required to resolve that crisis. You need a professional service provider like Element-D®, who can keep watch of your website uptime and resolve any downtime issues.

We at Element-D® will help you maintain your Websites and web applications

  • Removing and updating old content
  • Removing or archiving old web pages
  • Fixing broken links
  • Creating redirections from old pages to alternative web pages
  • Troubleshooting your web applications to ensure smooth functioning
  • Maintaining website and web application uptime by monitoring server downtime
  • Maintain security protocols to avoid security threats to your website and web applications